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Breast enlargement djerba tunisia operate by Esthetica Djerba Tunisia

The enlargement of the breasts in men or gynecomastia can occur at birth, at puberty or with aging.

It can come in different forms, which is why the intervention for gynecomastia can vary depending on the case: as a consequence of obesity, it can be an excess of subcutaneous fat and a simple liposuction is enough to correct it,

It can also be a glandular gynecomastia resulting in an excess of mammary gland isolated in a thin patient, the removal of the mammary gland through an incision around the areola is then the solution.

Gynecomastia Djerba Tunisia: duration and incisions
It takes place under general anesthesia and its duration is variable, ranging from a few minutes, in the case of isolated liposuction, to 2 hours for complex forms requiring a major reduction.

An incision is made at the lower edge of the areola, from which the surgeon can remove the mammary gland (subcutaneous mastectomy) and excess fat.

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breast enlargement djerba tunisia
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