Skin Radiance Djerba Tunisia :

Skin Radiance Djerba Tunisia proposed by

Tel : 75 621 246 thanks to the injection of rich plasma plate  (prp)  by experts in aesthetic medicine can improve skin quality by increasing skin radiance .

Skin radiance Djerba Tunisia Effect :

Injection of Rich Plasma plate (prp) is indicated treatment for patients who want a rejuvenation and beautification.
Injection of Rich Plasma plate (prp) makes it possible:

skin radiance and skin brightness
skin radiance and reducing wrinkles and fine lines, dark circles
skin radiance and regeneration of elastic fibers in the skin


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Skin Radiance Djerba Tunisia
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1st floor C Djerba Medical Center road Sidi Salem
Téléphone : (+216) 75 621 246
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