Lip augmentation Djerba Tunisia :

Lip augmentation Djerba Tunisia proposed by

Tel : 75 621 246 thanks to the injection of hyaluronic acid by experienced aesthetic medicine.

Lip Augmentation Djerba Tunisia:Treatment

1- Lip augmentation Djerba Tunisia : Step 1 Before injection
Lip augmentation Djerba Tunisia made by specialist in aesthetic medicine by the injection of hyaluronic acid, conscientiously examine you, discuss with you your preferences and direct you to the most appropriate solutions for Lip augmentation .
2- Lip augmentation Djerba Tunisia Step 2 During injection
Hyaluronic acid is injected to draw areas of the lips. The team then massaged areas to produce a natural appearance of lip augmentation.
3-Lip augmentation Djerba Tunisia: Step 3 After injection

Lip augmentation is done ! It is recommended to avoid touching or applying makeup in the lips for six hours in order to prevent infection. Specific instructions will be provided by

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Lip augmentation Djerba Tunisia
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