Facelift without surgery Djerba Tunisia


Facelift without surgery Djerba Tunisia made by Esthetica-djerba.com

Thanks to injections of volumizing hyaluronic acid or Radiesse, the facelift without surgery restores the balance and harmonious proportions of the face.

You are visibly younger by ten years, your features appear more rested and refreshed.

The indications of medical facelift

Facelift without surgery Djerba Tunisia allows door to act on the whole of the face and to target all the manifestations of aging on the surface or in depth.

Static wrinkles

These are the deep wrinkles visible when the face is at rest. They appear in their forties and become very marked with age.

The nasolabial folds on either side of the nose to the corners of the lips.
The bitterness folds from the corners of the lips down the face.

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 Facelift without surgery Djerba Tunisia
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